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I just wanted to say that I am a fan of this thread.

@ smash pass: I've never actually came up with a team that had a plan to specifically deal with smashpass teams, particularly because I'm a) not a great teambuilder and b) I've never really focused on "dealing with opposing threats" and moreso just figuring out what walls me since I don't think I've ever successfully played anything but heavily offensive teams. Generally I've found it's easiest to beat smashpass with a variety of prediction, checks and priority. I generally start off with a heavy hitter like CB Dragonite who more or less ensures that Deoxys-S or Espeon only gets up Reflect, and then I'll find my way to Magnezone on the switch to Gorebyss. From there it's just trying to outplay the opponent in their head - I could just click Volt Switch and see what they do or I'll Flash Cannon an incoming Garchomp or something. I've honestly only lost against smashpass teams when I've really been outplayed - yeah, it does require a higher degree of... something to keep up with it because you are dealing with more powerful threats etc, but I don't feel like it's something that's absolutely unstoppable no matter what your team is unless you run Perish Song Politoed etc.

@ sub/protect gliscor: GAH GO DIE IN A HOLE GLISCOR. >:O this thing is really annoying, especially if played correctly. I've been deliberating on running Icicle Spear on Mamoswine just for things like this and Sub-Twave Dragonite. Or I could go run CB Cloyster...

Also Lala I skipped over your post entirely. Is that bad? :x
edit: nevermind I read it. :)