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Skye gave an encouraging nod, placing two potions in Bri's arms without a word. "Y-You did re-really well, con-consider-i-ing yuh-you don't l-like battling. Buh-hut in th-this pl-place..." He frowned tiredly. "I don't think y-you have many op-options."

Ellie looked at her opponent and grinned. "Hey, it's all good! I just wanted to see what you could do. Winning or losing... when you're among friends who cares?" She held out a paw with another wide grin. "Truce accepted missy." With that she leapt into her partner's grasp, nuzzling Skye. "I am sorry for what I said," she told Snivy. "We were both pretty bad. It'll happen a lot."

"Cause you have a potty mouth," Rama accused cheerfully.

"Yeah, yeah." Skye waved farewell to Bri and Snivy, having caught a glimpse of Alice running off with Jem. He decided to go to a meadow area for a while, just so his Pokemon could relax a little. Volca experimentally shot fire above his head, making him laugh as they walked.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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