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    Originally Posted by Dr Alex View Post
    if you are going with spore, why not use the substitute attacking set?

    Breloom @Toxic orb
    Poison Heal

    Focus Punch
    Seed Bomb
    What do you mean, "if you are going with spore"? EVERY Breloom set has spore. I recently found out that my Breloom might be flawless (or at least, it definitely has 31 IVs in Attack). But, back to the subject, I prefer Mach Punch/Stone Edge over a SubPuncher (I labeled it a Physical Attacker, not a SubPuncher).

    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Zoroark isn't good as a physical attacker, since its physical movepool is rather shallow. What's the point of investing in Special Attack and using Naive when it isn't running Special Attacks?:
    -Nasty Plot
    -Dark Pulse/Night Daze
    -Focus Blast
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 4 HP/252 SAtk/252 Spe
    Item: Life Orb

    Also, put Zoroark somewhere in the middle in the team, since Illusion won't activate if it's in the last slot.
    I wasn't actually putting Zoroark at the back of the team. I forgot to do it in the right order. But, Zoroark has recently been replaced, so... yeah.

    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    My suggestions are in bold. Take them into account! :3 Also, Scrafty; TechLoom isn't released (Technician Breloom) Also, yes, Bullet Punch Scizor with Technician will get the STAB along with the boost.
    Thanks for the Technician stuff... I still don't know whether it has 90 or 80 base power...

    I'm sorry, but when I said I wanted revisions, I didn't mean a complete and total team overhaul! Thank you dearly for your suggestions, but I am keeping the Pokemon I have unless I choose to replace them (I might put in Whimsicott for Serperior, anyway, though).

    So, apparently, I didn't make myself clear. I want these Pokemon to be as best as they can be. I want to win with my favorites. I still will probably replace Serperior for Whimsicott, so thank you.

    Again, I appreciate anyone trying to help me or make suggestions. Thank you.