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Mark waved to Alice as she left. Crap maybe he should have brought a phone with him or some other form of contact. Maybe the academy had some kind of social network of some sort that kids could use to contact eachother. That would be nice. While Mark was talking with Selene, Snype decided to wander off on his own. Mostly to watch the battle going on outside.

The Eevee from before and Snivy had both been going at it, But in the end, The eevee ended up getting the better of Snivy, however they both apologized for earlier and became friends somewhat. However Snivy looked like she didn't have alot of control over her moves. Maybe because she was tired... who knew.

Snype stayed outside and relaxed in a small patch of grass just outside of the cafeteria. He wanted to find something to do while he was away from his master... He noticed Alice and Jem walking away but decided to leave them alone. He didn't want his master accused as a stalker. The eevee's trainer had also wandered off but he didn't even know them. What a boring day. He wanted to do at least one small prank before the end of it... but he didn't want to look like a jerk while doing it.

Back in the cafeteria, Mark continued talking to Selene. "So... What class do you have next? I have trainer fitness. Might as well be fair and get as much training as my Pokemon do eh? Should be fine as long as I don't end up running 50 laps like that Jack fellow"

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