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    Brian thanked Skye for the potions. Snivy gave Ellie a half hearted smile, then rolled over and went to sleep. Bri ran back to his dorm. He smiled coyly at Snivy. He set her gently on the counter next to the sink and began filling it up with lukewarm water. She was going to hate this. Snivy started to wake up.

    "What's going on?" she asked. Bri grinned at her.
    "Well, after that battle, you got really dirty. And the water will help you heal. AND, you've been very hotheaded today. This might help cool you off!" Bri said. He finished filling the sink up and pushed Snivy in the water. She tried to bolt, but Bri was used to her antics. Several minutes of splashing, complaining, and protesting later, Bri let her go. She dashed back onto the counter where it was dry. She stood there dripping and started to sulk.

    "My beutiful tail! You've ruined it! It will never be the same again!" Snivy said.
    "Aww, come on. You say that everytime!" Brian said. Somehow, he had gotten more wet from her bath than she did. He took off his soaking jacket and hung it up where it would dry.
    "Hey, Snivy. I think Skye is right," Bri said.
    "About what?" Snivy asked.
    "We won't be able to avoid battling now that we are here. So we need to get stronger. But it's more than that. You won't be able to handle everything by yourself, so you know what that means?" Bri said. Snivy nodded.
    "We need to catch some pokemon," Snivy said. She didn't know how she felt about that. With another pokemon around, It would be easier to train than it would be by herself. Plus, she wouldn't have to battle as much. But she didn't want to have to share Brian with some newcomer. Oh well, she'd figure it out. She shook some of the water off and climbed to her spot on Brian's shoulder as they walked outside.
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