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What is Team Fortress 2? - How to join - Event Information

Remember how last year we'd play Team Fortress 2? A doggone damn lot? Team Fortress 2 is our most popular game, pardner, and it's free to play! We're playing Team Fortress 2 every two weeks (or whenever we can get started again). The event? We're callin' it Fortress Fridays! No matter your skill level, come join us every Friday from 7 PM to 9PM EDT! (That's Friday 11 PM to 1 AM GMT for those outside the US.)

Next Fortress Fridays Event:
To be announced

Know how to get to our server? Join us at:
Click to launch Steam and join now.

What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is an awesome multiplayer first-person shooter where there are two opposing sides - RED and BLU. Pick your side, pick from one of nine classes, and have fun!

You should watch this highly un-informative video to get a (slight) idea of Team Fortress 2:

It seriously is loads better than words can put it, so play along with us! It's free! Install it through Steam:
Or learn more about it from the official website!

How to join

Anyone is welcome to join. If you're interested but don't have a PC member on your friends list, join our Steam group and enter our group chat - aim to be in the chat at least 15 minutes before we start. By joining, you'll also receive notifications when an event be starting. You can also check our Steam group for the date of the next Fortress Fridays event (as well as events for other games we're doing.)

You can also join our server at the scheduled time by connecting directly to our server:
To connect, launch Team Fortress 2, click Browse Servers, and under the Favorites tab, click Add a Server. Type our IP there and select either Find games at this address or Add this address to favorites - add us to Favorites for quick access to the PC server any time!

Event Information

Next Fortress Fridays event:


Upcoming events: