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    I left you something on your Profile.

    I'm Updating the Gym Leaders Section.

    So, I've thought about the gym situation and the best thing right now would be to do as Nideous did, and RP as the Gym Leader during your battle with them. Once we get more Gym Leaders, this should get easier. If you don't understand, feel free to RP me. Also, if you don't know how to RP a gym battle by yourself, I would e happy to help, and if some other people would too, that'd be great. The gym leaders don't have assigned Pokemon, but I would venture to say, they have "every" Pokemon of that type. You can make up those Pokemon, depending on how you are doing badge-wise. If you have five badges and are up against a water gym leader, they would not have a Magikarp.

    Nideous- That battle was too easy. It doesn't make sense to have your Electrike evolve that quickly. A Gym Battle should take 2-3 posts if you do them by yourself. I'd be happy to battle with you, gym-style. ;D

    I'll start the battle as Blitz. Do you still want the Electrike to evolve?
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