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Originally Posted by Gothitelle. View Post

I dont complain about her endlesly. I just wish that she had fighting moves that's all. All I want is for it to be okay to think that Gothitelle is better and not have to copy Smoogens opinions.

The reason why I called Renuclus and Beheeyem perfect was because everyone always saus how they are god and that if I dont think they are better than I'm a fanboy with no taste.
You love her except you want her to have a different type, ability, moveset, and different stats. You've mentioned all of those in various threads, by the way. So basically you like her design :x Which isn't a bad thing necessarily, there are plenty of Pokemon that I love the design of but don't think are viable to use competitively. Then there are Pokemon that I hate the design of that I use because they are viable. It's fine to only like her design, you should just accept it, lol.

Originally Posted by Gymnotide View Post
Who on Smogon has ever called Beheeyem even near viable?

I feel like Sky Drop should have been better (and not a TM) since it's Wargle's signature move... In real life too.

Soo... At least a stronger version of Sky Drop (preferably exclusive too...)
And a version of Sky Drop that's not glitched so it can actually be used online. :c

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