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As Alice left, Selene watched her with a slight frown. She didn't look very happy...if anything she looked overawed and alone...kind of how Selene felt if she was being honest. 'Maybe I'm not the only one who's struggling to adapt to time I see Alice I'll be sure to make an effort with her.' Riolu watched her closely, as though reading her mind and nodded slowly, as though agreeing with her. She knew that Ri would easily make friends with her pokemon...Ri didn't seem to have any of the same hang-ups as her, and Blu was just so laid-back and easy going people seemed to be attracted to him like flies around a jelly sandwich.

Selene grinned sheepishly at Mark and shrugged. "To be completely honest...I don't know what class I have...haven't quite got round to finding my class information yet. But what dorm are you in? I assume that dorms will be in all the same classes together...I hope they have a gym here or something for trainer fitness...I'm not exactly big on running or laps or anything..."
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