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    Bri walked out of his dorm. Snivy had recovered and had a confident smirk. Bri wore a similar expression, but his was nicer. He walked out to the field. That's where he spotted a Pidgey.

    "You're mine! Go pokeball!" Bri said. He hurled the sphere with all his might. It hit the Pidgey and sucked him inside. The ball fell to the ground and shook a little. Then, just before Bri could start celebrating, the Pidgey burst loose and flew away.

    "Haha! Don't you know you have to weaken it first? You noob!" a passing Suicune Blue said. He walked away, still laughing. Bri didn't know that, but was grateful to learn. He looked for another target. He found a Pidove.

    "Allright, Snivy! You heard him! Let's battle!" Bri said. Snivy looked at him like he was stupid.
    "You've got to be kidding me! Do you know what flying types would do to me! Find something else! Like a nice water type," Snivy said. He heard chuckling behind him. He turned around and saw a Minccino. He was about to ask what she was laughing at, but she saw his shoes. She ran up and started to try and clean them. Bri and Snivy were stunned. Snivy started laughing.
    "Umm... What are you doing?" Bri asked.
    "Your shoes are filthy!" the Minccino said. Bri rolled his eyes.
    "Umm... I thought we were going to battle," he said. That broke her trance. The Minccino ran a little away, and waited. Snivy hopped down and walked to where she wanted to stand. Bri thought for a moment what to do.

    "Snivy! Use Tackle!" Bri said. Snivy rushed at the Minccino, who jumped back a bit. Minccino was fast! Minccino pounced on Snivy and began to use Tickle. Bri couldn't help but laugh as Snivy was mercilessly tickled.
    "Hey! Cu-cut it out! Hahaha, I said st-stop!" Snivy said between gasps. Minccino didn't stop. Both of them were wearing out, but Snivy was worse off. She was laughing so hard she couldn't breath. Bri called out to her, but she couldn't do anything. She passed out. Minccino let her fall to the ground and, breathless herself, went back to Bri's shoes.
    "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Snivy! Are you ok?" Bri said. He was worried about her. About ten seconds later, Snivy stood up. Minccino was very tired. Snivy shook her head to clear away her headache. Then she aimed a Vine Whip at the Minccino. Minccino was unable to dodge it. She was knocked to the ground. Before she could get back up, Bri threw the pokeball. It hit Minccino and sucked her inside it. It rocked for a moment, then stopped. The light on it turned from red to white. Bri was beside himself with joy. He picked up the pokeball and held it in the air.

    "Come on out!" He cried, releasing the Minccino. She looked around sleepily.
    "What's your name?" Bri asked her.
    "I don't have one," she replied.
    "How about Dusty?" Bri asked. Dusty nodded.
    "Ok, you done? Good, let me finish my nap! That was a hard battle!" Dusty said. Before Bri could respond, she walked over and hit the pokeball. She was called back. Snivy laughed.
    "Hmm, What a strange pokemon," Bri said. He shrugged. Then he looked at his watch. It was 3:18. He was late! He hoped Lt. Surge would forgive him his lateness. He ran to the classroom.

    (We've all been forgetting that Jackblaze wanted us to list our pokemon and their levels.)
    Snivy: level 9-Tackle, Vin Whip, Bullet Seed, Secret Power, Growl, Attract
    Dusty(Minccino): level 10- Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Tickle
    Egg (unknown): ---
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