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    Shadow Ball is showing marked improvement already. Thank you for that. I guess I just subscribe to the old guns of "STAB is always best", but that's a nice fit for him.

    I KNOW Zweilous looks mental, and I have seen Haxorus. By all accounts, I should really like him. He's strong with some decent options, has the underdog mentality standing next to Hydreigon, and...oh, yeah...he has an axe for a face and is literally called HAXorus. Haxorus is awesome and undeservedly ragged on when compared to other dragons, but the fact that he is the face (axe?) of underdogs and is so overused turns me away from using him. His obvious physicality is easily walled, and he can be VERY predictable.

    Zweilous gives an interesting type combination with the mind games of being a novelty toy. He later becomes a Special sweeper in Hydreigon, so people incorrectly wall the middle brother of the family, and his stats are hardly "frail" at 72/70/70. More like, mediocre-good when standing next to some of the most prominent, fully-evolved monsters used in the field. Hax scrapes by on a 76/90/70 rating by comparison, so they're actually taking the same damage from Special users, and Hax can tower over Zwelly with his whole 4 HP more. While 20 more Defense sounds like a good idea, it's not saving Hax from a super-effective Outrage or Avalanche, so defenses are a moot point on both again. The accuracy deal is actually something of a misunderstanding for the large part. It's the mental stigma called the "availability heuristic" that we immediately draw on the most dreadful memories or dramatic, dire examples rather than the truth of things. If someone said, "You can have $95 guaranteed or $120 but only at a 85% chance," people invariably go for the sure $95, even though it's only a 15% chance of losing out on the $120. If that was a casino game, the house would be bankrupt. (Look at Fire Blast's golden reputation in spite of "only" 85% accuracy.) It's the same with the dive to 80% accuracy on Outrage and Crunch. I have a 1 in 5 chance of actually missing each time I choose the move.

    Oh. And: 55-41110-89076

    That said, I'm open to switching him out, just don't scoff and jeer that he's "weaker" by any means. Better yet, build one yourself and see what I mean. There's a thrill to using him like flying down the road in a super car or bungee jumping. If you fail, it's catastrophic, but you'll hardly be in a position to regret it because the most the opponent can walk away with is "I've beaten a Zweilous and a Cinccino today". If you don't fall on your face, it's a blast. I'll sack "better" Pokemon just to have fun with the game.

    I am warming to the idea of changing Starmie over to Ice Beam. Mostly, it was a good idea for jamming a wrench in the spokes of the Fighting engines, but Archeops is more than capable on that front. Still, I'm leery of using the thing if I can find a suitable replacement.

    I've used Mienshao. He's great, but once again, very predictable. I even tried a Baton Passing Swords Dancer that would offer more in the way of support for the team, but he also gets dull. Cinccino's one that I send out early to scout or setup and sweep, but once again, Archeops is doing another team mate's job better, so I'm happy to retire the little PETA mascot, but I want her place to be taken by something unique. I'm a bit eccentric like that, but it works if I pour enough thought into it. I just don't want a cut-and-paste OU team that is completely safety nets and checks. A couple are fine, but having that something extra keeps the field from being boring, right?
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