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    "Hey, kid, I think this stuff is pretty interesting," said the teacher. "If you don't think so, keep your mouth shut, kid. This is the Suicune Dorm and I really expected better than that. Leave the classroom now, Rico!"

    Rico said, "Ok. I was bored anyway." People in this dorm should want to learn. That's why they are at the top dorm, thought the enraged teacher. He took a deep breath, and with no questions for review, Mr. Tiranti clicked onto the next slide.

    "Ok, so the reason that a reaction will occur that releases lightning that is produced is because of enzymes that break down lightningcule into the various molecules mentioned in the last side. Just drop the ase and you have the molecule. These molecules are brought into the bloodstream and are excreted when they are needed, which is determined by instinct or a trainers command. That is the way that works. These enzymes are located in an organelle called voltisia, an organelle only found in electric type pokemon. That's the next topic we will cover. Voltisia is the organelle where Lightning Reaction takes place. We will go into lightning reaction tomorrow. All day."

    So, with that, the teacher clicked the slide labeled Voltisia.

    "This organelle is a small organelle located behind the ribosome. It is in a square shape and is divided into four sections: T-Vac, a small vacuole, Breaker, where the reaction takes place, T-Wait, where molecules wait to be released, and T-Blast, where molecules are actually released. I will do plenty of talking tomorrow. Plenty."

    "So, now everyone will do a little reading that I will pass out to you. The reading is on enzyme kinetics."

    Glen passed out the papers to everyone except Jack.

    "Jack, meet me outside the classroom," Mr. Tiranti quietly whispered to the late arriver.

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