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Also I just finished ponyifing my laptop last night. I have custom sounds (whenever I minimize a window, Fluttershy goes "way to go" and when I maximize one she goes "yay" and when I open a new window she goes "you rock, woohoo". It really gives me a big moral boost~), pony desktop icons, as well as a wallpaper. I'm currently trying to find some cursors.
I have to agree with this. It sounds epic, especially with Fluttershy's voice.

In other news, I actually spent the day reading the whole of Pony Psychology Fanfic series, among other things. I have one thing to say. It. Is. Amazing. I mean, almost everythin about it is perfect, and... wow... the characterizations and everything are just spot on. I'm not too keen on the shipping part, but everything else was solid.
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