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Originally Posted by Doomineon View Post
I KNOW Zweilous looks mental, and I have seen Haxorus. By all accounts, I should really like him. He's strong with some decent options, has the underdog mentality standing next to Hydreigon, and...oh, yeah...he has an axe for a face and is literally called HAXorus. Haxorus is awesome and undeservedly ragged on when compared to other dragons, but the fact that he is the face (axe?) of underdogs and is so overused turns me away from using him. His obvious physicality is easily walled, and he can be VERY predictable.

Zweilous gives an interesting type combination with the mind games of being a novelty toy. He later becomes a Special sweeper in Hydreigon, so people incorrectly wall the middle brother of the family, and his stats are hardly "frail" at 72/70/70. More like, mediocre-good when standing next to some of the most prominent, fully-evolved monsters used in the field. Hax scrapes by on a 76/90/70 rating by comparison, so they're actually taking the same damage from Special users, and Hax can tower over Zwelly with his whole 4 HP more. While 20 more Defense sounds like a good idea, it's not saving Hax from a super-effective Outrage or Avalanche, so defenses are a moot point on both again. The accuracy deal is actually something of a misunderstanding for the large part. It's the mental stigma called the "availability heuristic" that we immediately draw on the most dreadful memories or dramatic, dire examples rather than the truth of things. If someone said, "You can have $95 guaranteed or $120 but only at a 85% chance," people invariably go for the sure $95, even though it's only a 15% chance of losing out on the $120. If that was a casino game, the house would be bankrupt. (Look at Fire Blast's golden reputation in spite of "only" 85% accuracy.) It's the same with the dive to 80% accuracy on Outrage and Crunch. I have a 1 in 5 chance of actually missing each time I choose the move.
The only thing I wanted to point out is that Haxorus, indeed, is not easily walled. If you've ever messed around with one to the degree that I have you'd understand completely. Choice Band (indeed - Haxorus' only set where it isn't outclassed by something else and thus the best one to use at all times) is not easily walled by anything. In all honesty, the only things I've seen flat-out wall Haxorus' Outrage are Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Forretress. Bronzong loses to a well-timed Earthquake (remember, Mold Breaker). Other Steels, like Scizor, get 2HKOd by Outrage while Haxorus' decent bulk absorbs a Bullet Punch. In fact, his ability to break most Dragon-type counters is so good that he's often deemed a wall-breaker for other sweepers. He's not easily walled because he's predictable. That's one of the biggest problems I've seen in newer battlers or those with less experience - just because something is "predictable" or "overused" does not make it not-good. There are reasons why people use things, and for the most part that is that they are good.

If you don't want to use Pokémon that are overused, work in another tier such as UU. Really, the best way to win is to embrace the more used Pokémon and use them to your advantage - winning with lesser-used Pokémon is substantially more difficult because lesser-used Pokémon are more often than not of... well, lesser quality. If you want to use things like Zweilous, more power to you! I just think it'd be significantly easier for you to win if you used such Pokémon in an environment where they can be used more easily and effectively. OU is a place where the top dogs rule, and there is a reason why they're the top dogs.