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    I agree that Gothitelle should really have gotten any of those moves but it might have been nice for it to have a slightly wider special movepool.

    I have often wished for better abilities and moves for some of my favourite pokemon as well. Although I don't tend to stray too far from what is plausible.
    My favourite pokemon aerodactyl I really wish it got brave bird, head smash and acrobat but its movepool is pretty wide otherwise. Sturdy would have been great for it but that ability doesn't really suit aerodactyl's frail constitution.
    Another favourite of mine Poliwrath. Although I love how he can use swift swim and belly drum I really wish he had got no guard from the dream world. He could then be more awesome with abuseable dynamic punch, hydro pump and hypnosis.

    as for serperior learning earthquake I don't think that really makes sense. Its a lithe, agile, grass snake. Making tremors is not its style. Samurrot could do with a wider physical movepool also, sacred sword would be nice but I don't think the muskateers would be willing to divulge their secrets.

    anyway thats just my 2 cents
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