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    (OOC I changed my mind, I will show up late to Pokemon Biology)

    Bri was about to walk into Lt. Surge's class when Snivy stopped him. She was perched on his shoulder looking at his schedule. Bri felt pride in her. She was the only pokemon that he had ever seen that could read. But, then again, maybe she wasn't that unique. Bri hadn't seen very many pokemon.

    "Umm... Brian, you're supposed to be in pokemon Bia, Biologoy, Bi-something. With someone named Mr. Ter-ant-ty. It's not to far from here," Snivy said, stumbling over the unfamiliar words. Bri sighed and took the paper from her. Sure enough, he was in pokemon biology with a Mr. Tiranti. He ran down the hall. He stopped when he saw that kid from lunch standing out in the hallway. He was standing near the door to the room Bri was supposed to go in. Bri walked over to him.

    "Hi! We met at lunch! My name is Bri, if I didn't already tell you. What's your name? Are you in Mr. Tiranti's class too. You look like you're in trouble... Maybe I should wait out here for him. You know, so I don't disrupt the class," Bri said. Snivy looked the boy up and down. She could tell he was in a bad mood.

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