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(OOC: I did use Aerial Ace, next time you should say if the attack hit or not. I'm going to assume not this time.)

[Outside Battle; Wallace v Ace]

"Nature Power!" Wallace watched as Ace commanded his Pokemon and Leafy released a powder from it's leaf. It was yellow in color and it looked very familiar, Stun Spore! This was not good Wallace needed to think on his toes with this trainer. Maybe he should've used Taiga or Yana they would have been better suited. Wallace noticed that he was getting distracted and turned his attention to Lome.

"Somebody going to be Paralyed, cause Nature Power turned into Stun Spore! If your planning to hit me your 99% going to be paralyzed!" Ace said with a smirked

"Lome! Stop!" At the speed Lome was going it was nearly impossible but she came to a halt and back away from the powder. She nearly got into the cloud Wallace needed to do something. All Lome's attack were physical based which made Wallace curse under his breath he should have taught her wide ranged attacks. "Two can play the status game. Toxic!" Lome looked at Wallace he nodded and she spit out a large amount of purple goo from her beak. The toxic material flew the air towards Leafy and the yellow cloud. If it didn't hit Leafy it would absorb the paralyzing spores at least.

Credit: インフェルノの津波

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