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    Alice looked around the room from her spot on the floor. It was probably a good idea to try and find out what her next class was. But, she heard no bell. It was best to at least make an attempt to find her schedule somewhere. She got up and searched the small amount of papers she had on her desk. No sign of a schedule.

    "You know what Jem, I'll ask the secretary," she said. She did just that, and went over to the Attendance Office. "Erm, hi, my name is Alice Martin and I kind of need my schedule," she said somewhat nervously. "No, I will not tell you!" the lady exclaimed. Alice made a face. What was with the staff's attitude here? They really needed to hire nicer people. "What, why not?" Alice asked. The secretary looked over to her and frowned. "No, bye," she whispered. "Sorry, I was on the phone. What do you need?"

    Alice was surprised by the secretary's answer. She realized the secretary had headphones on, and she was talking through that. "I'm Alice Martin and I'd like my schedule please," she repeated. "Oh, sure thing!" the secretary replied. She searched her computer and found it. She printed it and handed it over. "There you go, but please don't make losing your schedule a habit," she warned. "All right, thanks," Alice said and walked out of the office. Looking at the paper, Alice read aloud, "Pokémon Biology. Kay." She walked through the halls and looked around. After what seemed like hours of searching, she found a door with a matching number to the class printed on her sheet. There was the guy in the black shirt, and the small kid with the Snivy. This would be a good time for a battle, but Alice did not want to push her luck and get caught by the teacher. She walked over to the two boys.

    "I'm guessing we're early?" Alice asked hopefully. Jem leapt up onto Alice's shoulder and looked at the Snivy perched on the small boy's shoulder. "Hiya!" he said.

    Pokémon Biology… Alice was never great at biology. She excelled in many other subjects, but bio was her weak point. Getting through this class would be a fun treat, especially when other smarter kids at the subject would speed through the class as if it were finger painting.
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