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    o.o Wow. I do tend to get wrapped up in a debate and not realize I might come across as upset. I'm sorry. I'm really not terse or anything like that, and I like this place because you guys can have some interesting discussions beyond "Dragonite sux, use Salamence!". I've tried UU before, and it tends to be OUish with the same teams of 6-10 Pokemon that never budge from their set moulds. I figure, OU has the most Pokemon available to them (because you can count the "lower" tiers), so it's a real crime not to draw on that sensational range. Mostly, I'm of the opinion that the stronger Pokemon are fine, but for personal satisfaction, I can't be content to piggyback off another's success. That is *just* my opinion and shouldn't make the game any less enjoyable to others. In a way, finding the next big superstar build will inevitably make it a "top dog" that others will write off as "too strong", so going against the grain for the sole purpose of being the maverick is a moot point. For me, it's a signature or flair to keep the game exciting.

    That said, I have tried Haxorus and have one on my in game team because he's got a cute mug. He's really good, but I've poured over his different builds and have found him lacking a bit in that certain X factor. Unfortunately, the immediate and obvious solution to Haxorus appearing on the field IS Skarmory, Ferrothorn, etc that everyone has waiting in the wings. THAT'S the frustrating predictability of him to me: The immediate solution is the most ready and obvious. Hence, the mind games of Zweilous are more appealing, and the power stands up to comparison.

    But once again, I'm willing to trade him in for something comparable in nature. If there's a big hole against some of the common OU threats, I need to patch that before the ship sinks. So far, I'm winning at least half the battles I get into with these guys (including rage quits), but I'd like to keep up the illusion that I can out-think the field from time to time. Are there common threats to the overall team? That would be a great place to really start trading out Cinccino or Zwelly.

    v.v Starmie, for all its shininess and good Special Attack and Speed IVs is rather a sorry story defensively. Recover is a great move, but unfortunately, he's worn down or swept if he takes a turn to breathe. I'd like it if he lasted longer, but at the end of the day, he exists to come in and sweep or revenge kill.

    I hope you guys don't think I'm just sticking to the guns to be stubborn. By no means am I ragging on the standards of OU. If anything, I tilt my hat toward them for being such reliable threats that Volcarona, Starmie, and Lucario made it onto the team to begin with. I just want to keep that last inch of personality to the mix, which is the fun of the game to begin with, so defensively, what am I looking at? Thank you guys again, and sorry if I seemed uppity or terse.
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