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    My most recent run through Gold brought some of my favorite moments in the game in awhile. First off, I raised my Eevee into an Umbreon. I'm very glad I did, because that is not only my first Umbreon, but it really impressed me in battle, even before it evolved. And another thing I loved about this was my battle against Lance- I haven't had this close a match in awhile.

    It started off with Ampharos against his Gyarados. Gyarados used Rain Dance, Ampharos used ThunderPunch, down. Then he sent out his first Dragonite, used Blizzard, took down a lot of health. But then I got lucky with a critical ThunderPunch that was further boosted by Rain Dance. Second Dragonite, I switch to Furret who does little damage before being taken down. Then I sent out Kadabra, who I was expecting to be a major staple in this match. Wrong, one Psybeam, one Hyper Beam. Then I sent out Umbreon, who only needed one Take Down to defeat it, thanks to being weakened from the previous two Pokemon. It managed to get in a Twister before, which in addition to Take Down recoil, left Umbreon with little over half HP. Aerodactyl, I send out Ampharos. It took Ampharos a Thunder Punch and an Iron Tail to defeat Aerodactyl, and he was left with red HP. Lance sent out his last Dragonite who easily took down Ampharos, and to my surprise, my Red Gyarados. Still, my Gyarados put up an impressive fight before being taken down, leaving Dragonite with less than half HP. I send out Typhlosion and use RollOut, which takes out Dragonite by turn 2, but its Outrage attack did a number. Lance sent out Charizard, but it got taken down in one hit by Typhlosion, and I won the match.

    That was a good match in my opinion.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

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