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Originally Posted by Snorelacks View Post
What does anyone see in Unfezant? Can someone answer me that?
Disagree with both there, sorry. Anyone with White can trade you a Braviary, and it's way better than Unfezant.
What do you find in Zebstrika? Speed? That's all it has over Eelektross. I use both, I know. Do you just not want Eelektross because you've already caught a Zebstrika or because Tynamo are hard to find or something?

I can trade you a Braviary and so can half of the Generation V players.

Chandelure is one Pokemon. An amazing one, but nevertheless. Chandelure will faint at some point before all of your Bug and Ice weak Pokemon have in almost every battle (seeing as you have three Pokemon weak to Bug and three to Ice).

Again, what does anyone see in Unfezant?
Unfezant just looks like a great bird. Braviary is nice, but because my brother will be playing White he won't usually let me trade cos he is just too rough.

And I have not even played Black yet, my birthday is in October so I have not caught any Unova Pokes yet.

It's also in-game and any Pokemon can be used in-game.
If the OP wants to use a team that is subpar on a competitive level, so be it.

Though, I wonder why you suggested all those Pokemon if you obviously preferred others.
It's because some I like the design of, others not. As for the Zebstrika/Eelektross issue. I prefer Zebstrika cos of better design.

I'm not much of a competitive player.

I haven't even registered a Friend Code yet.
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