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    Howdy. I'm midway through a Nuzlocke of SoulSilver at the moment. I lost my Water Pokemon (a Vaporeon) against Clair, and then caught a Poliwag in Blackthorn City straight afterwards. I evolved her into a Politoed and she's currently on my team. Brave nature, Water Absorb as the ability.

    Trouble is, on the way to beating Lugia I then caught a Horsea, Bashful nature, Swift Swim ability. I now really can't make my mind up as to which to use. They're both awesome Pokemon able to use Surf and Waterfall well, as well as Ice Beam. Obviously Kingdra only has 1 weakness (not the best weakness when I've got to beat Lance), but Politoed only has 2, and is better defensively.

    Help me!

    EDIT: I really like both of them as Pokemon and would love to use either, but there's no point having 2 Water-types on my team, even if Kingdra is part-Dragon. I'd just really like someone to choose for me!
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