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I stepped out of Raikou Dorm, ready for a great first day. I had a sense of readiness that was easily shown by the new yellow jacket. I now had my usual torn-up jeans on with the unzipped jacket, easily showing my black shirt. I walked out across the field towards the battles I saw in the distance.

The closest battle consisted of an old man, probably one of the teachers, with his Raichu against a student and his Onix. Well, it obvious who has the advantage, I thought. That was until I looked again. Both Pokemon were greatly weakened, their stress showing through. The Raichu did that? Part of me was confused, though eventually I realized the teacher had more experience. I walked away, guessing the obvious outcome of the battle.

I walked to the next one. It was a fair battle compared to the earlier one. It had a Vullaby against a Lombre. This battle had already attracted another student who was sitting with his Pokemon. I decided to sit close to him and released my own partners. Each started to look at the battle and than to the trainer beside us.

"Who's winning?" I asked the kid.
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