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    Hey guys, Version 1.2 is now out!


    +More story dialog changes, including fixing gender inconsistencies.
    +Lotad now found on Route 2
    +Kadabra, Boldore, Gurdurr, Graveler, and Machoke now evolve by Level.
    +Audinos in certain areas now have higher levels.
    +Lenora's Pokemon now have set abilities (before it was random)
    +Trainers on Route 3 and Pinwheel Forest have higher levels.
    +Fixed Problems with Oddish and the Pikachu and Spearow lines (they had the wrong Pokemon data)

    Also, Pokemoninfo.txt and Challenge.txt have been changed. Read them through since they have new information. Please delete the old text documents since they are now outdated.

    Don't delete your old ROM! If for some reason, this new update doesn't work, continue playing on your old version.
    However, it should work if you got the first version to work and did the exact same things.

    Keep in mind I only tested these on No$GBA and Desmume so far.

    For those of you who don't know, you can use the same save file you are currently playing on if your save file's name matches the name of the new ROM. So there's no real reason not to update.


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