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    Originally Posted by jackblaze View Post
    "Crap" Jack had to watch as Raichu broke free of Onix's bind attack and watched as the electric mouse unleashed a grass knot attack tripping Rocky to the ground flat on his face. "Come on Rocky get up" Jack urged his Onix to rise after being hit by the grass type move. And as Rocky was able to recover he was looking weak.

    "Ok rocky use Rock throw" Onix slammed his tail into the ground and a large boulder rose from the ground which Rocky then hit with its tail sending it flying towards the Raichu.

    Nooooooo! thought the teacher.

    Then, he thought of an idea.

    "Brick Break!"

    The boulder was crushed, and became a portion of the ground.

    Raichu stood on it, and a new power surged in him. He used Grass Knot again, this time much more powerful.
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