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    I like N - For a pokemon game he's awesome; for a game, he's all right

    I don't get the whole "he just looks like a hippie" thing, hahaha. My brother and I had hair and the like similar to N for a long while, and way more people I knew in the 90s (and still). That's not saying anything about the hippie look, I always liked that too :p

    Aside from having a cool design..

    He's finally a major player in the plot that is interesting! To a degree, at least. At first he was just the usual eccentric character of the game. But his background became very interesting and I honestly don't understand how so many people who play games find him weird/unusual, there have been plenty of characters in games like this. I'm really interested to see if more is revealed about him in the future. I mean, is he Ghetsis' son? Is he an experiment or something? Is it Ghetsis himself? Deep for a pokemon game, but it'd be cool :p

    Considering how sheltered he was (he was obviously isolated for a long time, and groomed by Ghetsis) it makes sense that he acts somewhat awkward and all, and that his room is strange.

    Basically all I can do is mostly rehash Nemesis and Glaceon. He's not super special, but cool for a pokemon game. Personally I like his outlook/personality, though I don't like how he pushes his ideals on others - but he was groomed to be that way. He's more likeable than a snobby neighbor kid or your annoying friend with serious ADHD issues, or your friend with the receding hairline and red glass that is obsessed with being a champion and comes off as a doucherocket. And about him being weak..when have you played a pokemon game where any of your rivals were that great =P

    anyway to finish up the wall of text, I've seen way more Elesa/Cynthia fanboys and that's even more overbearing D:
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