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    I'm not checking my spelling so don't get picky lolz.

    No offense but pokemon is just just getting worse and worse...
    I'm sure everyone knows its meant to be appealing the the younger audience and this is why all ash's pokemon are cute and very small.
    BUT, i was young once and I'm just saying that the original pokemon seasons were so much better.

    If this is the direction you wanna go thats cool I'll just stop watching I'm only one person as apposed to millions of kids.

    I just wanna see something cool come out.

    An all out war of the best

    Think about it. a massive evil group of people threatins all pokemon everywhere fate of the world kinda stuff and maby pikachu gets taken again just to tick ash off a little more. lolz.

    Trainers from all over the world get wind of it and come to protect their world.

    This would be a sick opportunity to bring back all the old characters and all their biggest and badest pokemon to fight for the greater good.

    Gary Misty Brock Paul May Dawn and all there rivals. Maby some new peeps.

    It would be epic.

    Charizard and infernape teaming up with infernape flying on his back. Gary and Pauls electivire's teaming up. Misty's garados and others doing a water assult etc. Brock's steelix golem and foretress. It would be an epic movie. As well as muk snorlax etc

    The wild pokemon would sense it too. Perfect opportunity for - ash says "is that? LAPRAS!


    Then same thing Pigiot

    He did say they would see each other again someday.

    The real fans will go nuts to see them again.
    It wont be unliked they had a war scene in the first movie.

    Make it.

    It'll be a best seller.