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((Oh crud, just noticed that my last post didn't actually post. So I'll move on from that...))

Panting, Selene wiped a towel across her brow and took a large gulp of water. Fitness class, as she had predicted, was tough. And full of running. "As if they made us do pure laps on the first class...and they have a fitness suite!! I don't get it at all!!" she ranted angrily, eyeing Riolu sideways. Her pokemon seemed more pumped than ever, and was skipping along beside her happily, throwing the odd punch or leaping into the air. "Ri Riolu!" which roughly translated as 'I found that class invigorating!!' "Ha, well of course you would..." grumbled Selene.

At least she had good gym clothes, matching the blue and black of Riolu, which was a pretty good touch. She looked around, pulling the towel around her neck, wondering where to go next. She had a free period before her next class...maybe she'd wander over to the battlefields and see what was going down. Looking round, she wondered where Mark had gotten to - she was almost certain she'd seen him running laps in her fitness class...although knowing him he'd probably stayed behind to run extra!

Making her way to the battlefield, she noticed a group had gathered around battlefield 8, where the biggest Onix she'd ever seen was battling a sprightly looking Raichu. She looked at the trainers and noticed that the quiet boy from the cafeteria, Jack, seemed to be having a tough time against a man who looked like one of the teachers! She wandered over, taking another swig from her bottle of water, and sat by the side of the battlefield, watching closely. Riolu stared up at the large Onix in evident awe. "Hmm, he's from Entei dorm...I suppose we should show some dorm solidarity, hey Ri?" Selene whispered to Riolu, "WOOO! GO JACK, GO ONIX!! YOU SHOW THAT STATIC-FILLED MOUSE WHAT FOR!!!!" she yelled, Riolu shouting in agreement. Selene looked around and noticed a couple of new trainers and some familiar faces - a blonde girl with a dratini, a boy who was watching both battles and a boy in a yellow jacket who was talking to one of the trainers involved in the other battle.

"After this battle is over I say we go and get some action of our own, what do you say Riolu??" said Selene, smirking slightly. Riolu nodded and jumped happily. "Ri, Ri!" Selene reached down to the belt on her jogging pants and pulled of Swablu's pokeball, releasing him and smiling as he unfolded his soft wings. "Then figured we may aswell give Swablu some prep time!!"
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