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Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
Hackmew is long dead.
If he comes back then that's one thing, but I haven't even seen him on MSN for a long time, we used to chat daily.
He was just online now

Also, you said that it didn't have to be a snow Town, so mines isn't.
In fact, I just took an old hack with ready inserted tiles because I'm lazy. :D
Name: Route 0 (doesn't really have a name, but the mountain kinda looks like a zero)
Game: Pokemon Iron and Stone (an old FireRed hack)
Credits: Uhh...mostly Alistair lol. Cba looking for my old thread but they're all there.
Other info: I think...this may be my best map ever. :O Btw that little bit at the left is supposed to be a Cut tree and Pokeball...I can't use overworlds though.

And good luck to everyone else. :D
Damn this map is my best ever, maybe I should've saved it for the get together map contest...ahh well.
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