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    Originally Posted by jvpski3 View Post
    Nice Hack! The pallets could be a little better, but very nice!
    Thanks. I do like the pallets so I won't change them.
    Originally Posted by zumba View Post
    love the new pics and updates. specially the snow pics. idk if u fixed this bug since last time but every time u push A on the trees, a script comes up. i havnt played in a long time so i cant remember what it says. seems like toshiba messing ur computer up more was a good thing haha. looks like it motivated u even more. anyways, cant wait for the new release.
    Haha, agreed. The whole mess up really lit a fire in me.
    Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
    This looks really good. I like the season screenshots! I'll be keeping an eye on this hack. ;)

    Good luck!
    Thanks! The seasons is also one of my favorite features.

    Hola folks, I'm back with another update. After a weekend of doing absolutely nothing related to hacking I decided to boot up the ol' hack and see what I could get done. Voila! In a few short hours I've managed to accomplish a buttload! But before we get to the screenshots there is something I want to elaborate on. That is the Realistic Weather Generator [RWG]. This isn't like most hacks which do random weather. In my hack the weather is pretty realistic. There will be no sandstorms in towns or it won't be snowing in the desert. Instead the hack will load the weather properly suited for both the environment and the season. This means that from March - June it will rain WAY more frequently than usual. During the winter it will obviously snow and so on. Another thing that seperates this from the Random Weather Generators of other hacks is that the weather affect won't wear off simply by leaving the map. Using a series of variables and flags makes it so that you're going to have to wait out the rain, like everyone else. Occasionally it will start to thunderstorm [but only after it has already been raining]. Also during the rain some people in the town will disappear [just like the kids do after 8pm] to avoid getting wet, and during a thunderstorm almost everyone will disappear [barring story-centric characters]. In short the RWG adds a lot of realism to the game and definitely influences what goes on during the course of the game, leading to a different playing experience for all involved.

    Below are the screenshots, but here's a quick explanation:
    I finally got all of the Battle backgrounds done, [thanks to the Spriters Resource] and they look quite nice if I do say so myself. There's a screenshot showing off the new OW's for Dr. Phenix [Rival's dad], Mrs. Phenix [Rival's mom], and Eris [Prof. Oak's guide/7th Gym Leader]. I decided I didn't like the ugly orange color in the Female Trainer's Trainer Card so I changed it to purple [which is one of my favorite colors, second to green]. I added the Cut Tree's from R/S/E as I thought they looked better and remapped a few places to make them look better. The EctoTeam is the team you may join for the minigame Who You Gonna Call that I announced a few months ago. Now without further ado:

    I just remembered! The Pokennect! Well out of the 9 guesses I got only one person came close to guessing what Pokennect was. It's a Key Item that functions like a PDA. It's like the Pokegear/Poketch. [It actually functions!]
    Using it allows you to view the world map, the date, the time, as well as checking for what mystery events are available! The script for it is just about done but I am contemplating adding a "Radio" function and possibly removing the option to view what Mystery Events are coming up. If anyone has any ideas as to what else I should add to the Pokennect feel free to leave a reply stating your idea. The Pokennect is obtained in Beacon City after beating their leader and obtaining your second badge which means it will be obtainable in the first beta [which still has no release date].
    My next update will include screenshots [or maybe a video] of the Pokennect in action! It will also include information regarding a third mini-game and whatever else I think of! Until then!

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.