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"Oh what..." said Selene to Riolu, frowning. "I know that this guy is a teacher and all but this is getting ridiculous...there's no way that all these attacks would hit and be this powerful...especially given that Raichu used so many physical attacks against Onix...even we know that Onix's defence stats would prevent such a level of damage being done, there's no way Onix would be this beaten down by now!! It's not as though that Raichu had any special attacks that would prove effective..." Riolu grunted and nodded, as they both shook their heads. There's no way that Jack's team could lose this...not after how well they'd fought up to now. Plus it was in every student's blood to want to see their teachers defeated. Selene pulled out a pink notepad from her bag, and decided to make notes on the battle and the battle styles of the pair. She'd be able to analyse them if she ever came up against either of them in the future.
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