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    Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
    I can see that you took the indoor battle background, the cave battle background, their palettes, and the overworld for the youngster character directly from beta 2 of my hack without my permission. At the very least you could have listed my name in the credits, and I would've let it slide, but you didn't. It took a great amount of time and effort for me to get these visuals inserted into the game itself, so I'm kindly asking you to remove all of my content from your game. Thank you.
    That's false. I imported each of those myself using the this page right here:
    Please don't acuse me of such things as I truly worked hard on everything I did. The cave palette I used was done to emulate the colors used by Manioulation in Sienna. If you'd like I can recolor them but don't go around acusing me of things. Regarding the youngster sprite, again I did this on my own, all i did was recolr the shirt and hat to match his battle sprite [which is the HG/SS one]. Give me a minute and I'll post his entire sprite library.

    Edit: That's his entire sprite library, open it using NSE and look.
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