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Sel looked at Mark evenly, her eyes narrowed. "What." she stated simply, "you were in a POOL? Like...SWIMMING?!? While I was running LAPS ALL CLASS!!" she made a frustrated sound, somewhere between a "grrr!" and an "ummph!" and crossed her arms violently, shaking her head. "Where is the fairness in that...I. Hate. Running. Laps. I LOVE swimming!!! I'd swim all day if I could! Next time I'm in that class my teacher is going down..." she looked over at Mark again, slightly sheepish for her outburst. "Ha...but yeah, what's so good about the pool huh?" she went to take a drink from her sports bottle but it was empty. "Ah crap...hmm" she looked at Poliwag and undid her bottle top. "Any chance you can fill that up with your snazzy little water gun buddy?"

As she held her bottle out to Poliwag she happened to glance over towards the blonde girl with the Dratini and noticed that she was looking at her with a thoughtful expression. She seemed shy, thought Selene, just like her when she is introduced to new group of people. Luckily, she felt comfortable enough around her peers now to have come out of her shell somewhat, letting her bubbly personality out more. With this in mind, she raised her free hand at the blonde girl and gave a little wave, smiling encouragingly. "Do you think we should go over to her or wait until she comes to us?" she asked Mark.

Riolu laughed, Swablu hearing and floating down to see what the fuss was about. 'I think it must be a trainer thing!' said Riolu gleefully, 'Sel just walked for the last 4 laps! Admittedly she had been pushing one point even I had to run fast to keep up with her...but still. I'm Ri and this is Blu,' said Riolu, pointing at Swablu 'and you guys are?'

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