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    I'm just gonna say that I'm trying your challenge, and I have yet to upload the video, but the first gym is UNGODLY HARD if you chose Snivy and if you try it following all of the rules.

    Question: How do you regard pickup? When battling with Pickup(for example: Zigzagoon), the pokemon will pick up the berries that the opponent uses. Does this count as a healing item/hold item? I don't think it does, but I just want to make sure, since that would make the points I got in that battle go from 55 to 50 ._.'

    Another Question: Breeding. Did you take it out, or can you normally not breed after you get access to the route?

    Video of me playing against the first gym:

    I got so lucky lol.

    DOUBLE LUCKY. Last pokemon (Buffalo thing) on the 2nd gymleader. 2 headbutt flinches + 2 warm ups on linoone = Yessss! Video will be up shortly!

    Second Gym Leader video:

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