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Out of the corner of her eye, Selene saw the flash of fire from the battlefield, and she jumped up in surprise. She tugged on Mark's sleeve and grinned at the blonde haired trainer. "Oh! I think Jack has him now - Tropius was a good match against Onix...but grass vs fire?! Ha! It doesn't stand a chance!!" she held out her arm and Swablu gripped onto the sleeve of her hoodie with his feet, as Sel put her fingers in her mouth and whistled for Ri. Riolu looked up from where he was playing with Len and sped towards his trainer, waving at Len. 'THIS ISN'T OVER LEN!' he yelled back, leaping up onto Selene's shoulder. Selene ran over to the side of the battlefield, watching Charmander in awe. She loved Charizard and all his was a dream of hers to train a Charizard one day...not that she didn't love Ri and Blu, of course. "WOOO! Yeah! Get him Charmander!" she whooped, as Ri and even Blu cheered the fire pokemon on.

((OO, just read your post, Pkmntraineryellow! please read this post before my last one!))

"Ahhh aren't you the cutest!!" cooed Sel, careful not to get too close in case she scared the Dratini and startled it. "You gonna grow up into a big strong Dragonite one day mmm?" she laughed lightly. "Hi Valorie! it's great to meet you. What dorm are you from? I'm from Entei dorm myself." She grinned, not feeling as shy as she usually did around someone new...she was obviously settling into this place well. "Have you just arrived? I've had trainer fitness today...running laps..." she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. "Worst. Class. Ever. But then I came outside and bumped into slacker-boy here and started watching some pretty awesome battles, so it's been a good day so far..." she realised she was wittering on and closed her mouth, biting her lip. "Ha, sorry, I tend to talk too much when I'm excited...guess its been a REALLY good day huh..."
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