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    (OOC: I leave for a few days, and look what happens. )

    Bri was awakened by someone tapping on his face. He opened his eyes and saw a vine in front of his face. He yawned loudly, and the vine was withdrawn. He looked over at Snivy, who had woken him up.

    "Snivy, you should be asleep!" Brian said.
    "I can't sleep, not with that girl out there yelling like that! Go tell her to shut up," Snivy said. Bri rolled his eyes.
    "It,s not that you can't sleep. Knowing you, you're probably bored!" Bri said with a smile. Snivy smiled at him.
    "You need to get out there and do something. Sitting here babysitting me won't do any good. The only thing wrong with me right now is that I'm hungry. Go train Duster, or challenge someone to a battle or something," Snivy said. Bri looked at her. She sighed.
    "Well..." Brian said slowly.
    "Go catch another pokemon! I don't care! Just because I have to stay here for the night, doesn't mean you have too. I'm not going anywhere! Just bring me back something good to eat. I'm not eating that xrap that I had for lunch!" Snivy said. Bri smiled. She was feeling more like herself. Tomorrow he would come get her as soon as he woke up. He nodded at her and left the room.

    Once out in the hall, Bri wondered what he should do. He walked toward the source of the shouting. When he discovered it, he wasn't happy. Jack and Mr. Tiranti were still battling. They had attracked a small crowd in the forms of Mark, Selene, and some girl from Raikou Dorm he didn't know. He left as quickly as he came. Another battle caught his eye. This one was between a Yellow and a Blue. Bri spotted a crowd. He started to go and join them.
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