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Originally Posted by Vapper3 View Post
Great work with this Jambo, thanks!
Also, I know the FR patch isn't even done, but how hard would it be to do this with Ruby?
I took one look at Ruby's code before and gagged. Fire Red's THUMB code is a mess, but Ruby's is something else. It's a horrid mess of useless lines of code mixed together with code which actually works.

I do wonder sometimes if the lack of efficiency was actually a concious decision by Game Freak to have the game run at 60 fps, or whether they just had a REALLY bad C compiler, but so much of their code is just utterly unnecessary!

Anyway, to answer your question, I won't be porting it any time soon, and I doubt very much that any one else will manage to do so. There are only a handful of hackers with enough experience to pull this off, and afaik, they all work with either FR or Emerald.
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