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Ryuu closed his eyes for a moment, and daydreamed about the coming slaughter. A subtle voice was heard on the outside, but he didn't really listen to it. He was in his own world now.

It was very clear that many would die, very soon. Ryuu, at this point though, has had a bit of change of heart. First going into this competition, he believed he would easily defeat it. Now, he wasn't so sure. Now, he had competition. He soaked in the idea that this might be his final fights. He felt a hole in his body, and emptiness, as if he had been doing something for so long, and now he believes that emptiness will be filled. This is the culmination of his whole life of death and fighting. It was actually quite a beautiful moment, in Ryuu's eyes. Others would find it quite sickening. They say that you show your true colors right before you die. Ryuu believed that, as many of his past victims begged and begged. Others cursed his name. There were few that piqued his interest. One smiled. He never got his name, but he smiled right before death, a smile that still pictured in Ryuu's memories, as if burned in there, similar to the emblem now burned on his forearm. To this day, Ryuu has never understood why that demon smiled. Maybe one day, he'd find out.

Ryuu opened his eyes to see Marisa, the vampire come up to Ryuu and hold out something, saying "Here!" A smile was on her face.

Ryuu was less happy about it. He looked at her, half puzzled, half pissed off, you know, his usual personality. He looked at her intently, his very words could be felt with hatred.

"What the f**k is this?" He grabbed it, looking at her, one of the expected best in the competition. It was safe to say Ryuu might have hated her the most.

"Get the f*** away from me!" Ryuu shouted at her. He turned his attention to the capsule she gave him. He wondered what it was.

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