Thread: [Gen V] My Competitive Team
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Kay so Samurott really shouldn't be in a OU competetive team just because it is completely outclassed by Cloyster.
name: Shell Smash
move 1: Shell Smash
move 2: Icicle Spear
move 3: Rock Blast
move 4: Razor Shell / Hydro Pump
item: Life Orb / White Herb
ability: Skill Link
nature: Jolly / Naive
evs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 208 Spe
Shell Smash is an amazing move to sweep with and it would really improve your team.
On ferrothorn replace protect with Leech seed sinc eprotect won't do you any good.

I also notice your team is Thundurus Weak:
Nasty Plot Variants will destory 4/6 of your team so you should watch out! I really do not know how to fix this issue though.