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    Originally Posted by kysta View Post
    Have the movesets of some pokemon changed? or just Serperior
    Did you read the documents?

    Originally Posted by jbeeber95 View Post
    Question: How do you regard pickup? When battling with Pickup(for example: Zigzagoon), the pokemon will pick up the berries that the opponent uses. Does this count as a healing item/hold item? I don't think it does, but I just want to make sure, since that would make the points I got in that battle go from 55 to 50 ._.'

    Another Question: Breeding. Did you take it out, or can you normally not breed after you get access to the route?
    Pickup doesn't count, since you weren't holding an item originally.
    Breeding is still in there. There's no way something like that can be taken out.

    Thanks for playing!


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