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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post

Before it uses Recover. :x Also, Reuniclus used Trick Room as you switched in Excadrill - there goes your speed advantage. D;

In any case, I believe if you were to compare the two, Reuniclus is the one with no checks and thus is more broken.
383 Atk vs 251 Def & 424 HP (120 Base Power): 262 - 310 (61.79% - 73.11%)

^ This would be the result of a Focus Blast from +0 Reuniclus. Quite bad, but I think it's really circumstantial at this point. I mean, take a look at some other things, too:

574 Atk vs 251 Def & 424 HP (120 Base Power): 394 - 464 (92.92% - 109.43%)

^ This is +1 CM Reuniclus. In that case, of course Excadrill would be toasted, but...if Excadrill doesn't get switched into Reuniclus immediately, and sets up an SD on a Pokemon beforehand...this would be what an SD Earthquake would just about do:

810 Atk vs 273 Def & 424 HP (100 Base Power): 319 - 376 (75.24% - 88.68%)

So yeah, it could really all depend, etc. .___.

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