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Let me introduce you to my creation: Enosia! Spots open: 11

Pokemon Of Legends: Secrets of Enosia

Rated T for Teens


Mewtwo is a pokemon of legends, a pokemon even evil organizations have failed to control and govern. We all know about the only Mewtwo, the one that travels all over the world to meet and know more about life itself. One day, traveling in the deep forests of Sinnoh, Mewtwo came across a pokemon he had never seen before. Judging from the appearance, it was the famous Palkia, the one who travels through and controls space itself. Amazed, he grew curious. It was then that he happens to be right near Palkia when the beast suddenly opens a hole to another dimension. Without warning, he was suddenly sucked inside, unaware of what awaits him. He grabs a hold of Palkia's tail, not knowing what would happen if he lets go. All of a sudden, a rough bump causes Mewtwo to let go, making him fall to another hole in the fabric of space before Palkia realized Mewtwo was even present. In a matter of seconds, he was suddenly knocked out by an unseen force.

After Time passed, a friend of Mewtwo started to grow worried over his safety. It was Mew. She couldn't help but go to where the pokemon saw him last: Sinnoh. Upon her journey, she comes across a Palkia, who in its tail, carried the same cloak Mewtwo always had on. Worried sick, she was able to convince Palkia in taking her to where Mewtwo could have gone. Doing so, Palkia let Mew hold to his tail, and traveled the same route to encounter the same bump, making Mew let go and get sucked into a hole in the fabric of space travel.

As Mew was in her quest, Mewtwo woke upon a dense jungle. All he could remember was the fact he was a Mewtwo, having lost memory. Not knowing where he was, he comes upon an unknown pokemon, one he had never seen or remembers. Introducing itself as Kyurem, the ice pokemon guided Mewtwo to the strange continent known as Enosia. It was a place where only pokemon strive and live in harmony. After days of knowing and recognizing, he started to gain memory. Telling this to his trusted friend, Kyurem realized that humans really do exist, and that Mewtwo had lost all memory of friends. That moment, something inside Kyurem turned dark and sinister, for Kyurem told Mewtwo of his plots and schemes he dreamed of having a partner with. After time, Mewtwo's heart was turned from golden, to black as coal. Mewtwo had soon become corrupted, Kyurem controlling him and deceiving him that Enosia still has evil that cannot be stopped unless they suffer an even greater evil.

Mew soon arrived, luckily able to make friends quickly in the mystery continent. Soon, she met with Darkrai, who told her all about Enosia and the mysterious Mewtwo who arrived out of the sky. He also explained that Mewtwo was turned into a corrupted pokemon, and that Kyurem was actually a pokemon of nightmares, known to corrupt and use pokemon for his evil purposes. Awoken by an unknown pokemon, both team up and decide to gain as many allies as they could. Sadly, nobody joined due to having fear of being tortured and captured by Kyurem. It was then that Mew found Celebi and Victini, who were ready to give their life to save Enosia. They told her that many revolts and groups were created to go against Kyurem and henchmen, but none were successful. Upon hearing this, she decided to tell the three allies about the humans from her dimension, and they were fond of their power and determination. Giving them hope and a new guiding light, they decided to find Palkia. Once done, they were able to convince him to take them back to the Mew's dimension. Doing so, the four were at awe and amazed by the world Mew lived in. It was the harmony Victini, Celebi, and Darkrai always dreamed of. Looking for potential humans, they all come to a conclusion to pick 6. Those 6 had the qualities to save Enosia, enough to guide and give them hope. Without warning, those 6 humans were captured, and taken to ride Palkia back to Enosia's dimension. However, halfway through traveling in space, a similar bump that Mew recognized caused all humans, including Darkrai and Celebi, to break the fabric of space as they scatter all over Enosia. Palkia was able to sacrifice most of his power to the 8, protecting them from impacting and instead teleporting them to Enosia by using his special abilities. Exhausted, Palkia finally reached the remaining two safely to Enosia. Due to using too much of his power, he was unable to help Mew and Victini, and instead goes into a deep sleep to regain the power he had just lost. Darkrai and Celebi were able to soften the landing, being pokemon that can fly, yet the 6 humans ended up knocked out where they landed. They all survived, yet they lost memory. All they seem to remember is the fact they were once human and their name. Another strange fact is that every human has turned into a pokemon!

Now, this is YOU:

-You are going to be one of the six potential humans Mew and allies have chosen to save Enosia. Keep in mind that this is not like Mystery Dungeon, but a game of survival. It is your decision where your path will take you, and whether you will ally or not.

-If this doesn't attract you, you can be one of Kyurem and Mewtwo's henchmen. You will follow orders, break them, or what fits your taste. Note that you will not be a chosen one, and you know nothing of humans and what pokeballs even are. You will be an ordinary pokemon in Enosia.

-The third option is just being an ordinary pokemon in Enosia. The region you live in affects you, so choose wisely and note that if you come across a chosen human, you really know nothing about them unless you've encountered either Celebi, Mew, Victini, or Darkrai.

-Be active as much as possible. If you're going to be inactive for a while or decide to quit the RP, then PM me to let me know.
-Follow all PC rules
-No "God Acts" or god modding
-Don't bully and bunny (what ever you call it) other people's characters
-Only I control the NPC like Mewtwo and Darkrai

Now, as for the SU for 6 chosen humans:

Name: ??? (Nicknames are accepted)
Gender: ???
Pokemon Species: ??? (Choose a fresh pokemon please! Example: If you choose Swampert, you will get Mudkip. Choose Serperior, you will get Snivy)
Age: ??? (Let's stick between the ages of 13 and 20)
Personality: ??? (Make sure it's more than one paragraph. Go into detail if possible)
Appearance: ??? (Just by the pokemon you choose tells plenty, but you must have one difference that makes you the odd one out of your species. An example would be an odd eye color or a birth mark or something along those lines)
History: ??? (I don't see much point in the history, but if it affected your personality or shaped your opinions the way you are now, go ahead.)
In which Region do you land in: ??? (to put it simple, all six heroes are scattered all over Enosia...meaning you can be anywhere. Make sure you pick a region nobody else had picked.)

Following along is the SU for Kyurem's henchmen or servants:

Name: ???
Gender: ???
Pokemon Species: ??? (Choose a fresh pokemon, not an evolved one)
Age: ??? (Keep it between 13 and 20)
Personality: ??? (More than one paragraph. Put some detail if possible)
Appearance: ??? (It's optional, since your species says a lot, but do you have any special marks or strange fur color, or are a shiny?)
History: ??? (This is a must. You need a past to describe your life and such that shaped you to be pokemon you are today)
Which Region do you come from: ??? (Pick the region your character's type is. If you're a dual type, you have the option to choose from two regions then)
Why did you decided to be a henchmen/servant: ???

At last, the SU for who those want to be the wild pokemon of Enosia:

Name: ???
Gender: ???
Pokemon Species: ??? (choose a fresh pokemon, not an evolved one)
Age: ??? (Keep it between 13 and 20)
Personality: ??? (More than one paragraph)
Appearance: ??? (It is optional, but do you have any special marks, strange fur color, etc.)
History: ??? (This is a must. You need to have a past of your pokemon family, tragedies, events that shaped you to be the pokemon you are now)
In which Region do you live in: ??? (It depends what pokemon you are. If you are a dark type, choose the region where only dark types live in. If you're a dual type like steel/dark, you have the choice to choose from either one)


Well, by now you know it's T for Teens. It's for 13 year olds and older for a reason. There will be some bad language here and now, but let us not go too far by this. Violence will depend really, for there might be some that prefer to use brute force than their abilities. Blood will appear once in a while, but it's certain it will appear somewhere. There will be some minor romance, but let's keep it low for those who somehow end up falling in love with an NPC or somebody else's character. It's happened in some I saw, so I'm just adding it in.

Now you are probably asking, "What is Enosia and how does it look like?"
-Well, Glad you asked. It's based in a continent the size of Australia. Quite small, but it has a heavy population of pokemon. Oddly enough, pokemon from all five regions are crumbled here, even legendaries roam Enosia. Before Kyurem ruled, it was a continent were pokemon lived at free. Now that Kyurem started to rule, he split Enosia into smaller lands called Regions, or Areas. Now, here's the outline. Yeah, it's based right out of Australia, but it fit my description completely. Check the spoiler under this to go into detail with the place. Sorry for the long details though.


Quite small, but you can still see the dots. The picture is located in the thumbnails. Now, each area has a specific colored dot. Also called regions, each region is different and contains specific pokemon. Eversince Kyurem had taken over, specific pokemon are now located in certain regions. Sorry, I couldn't get a better picture than this.

-Norm [Purple]:This region is the biggest out of all regions, nearly tied with the Grey Region. Here, vast grasslands are located here, constant lakes also present. Small forests, and tons of fruits are fresh here. Only normal type pokemon may live here. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie are found here.
-Climatica [Orange]: It's a region with strange objects and sudden disasters. Landorus and other legendaries are allowed here, but only legendaries. Landorus is the only one who lives here, the one who controls the current weather of Enosia by taking all the hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and disasters on the Orange Region. It is unknown how the region looks, but from what explorers say, it is barren and only contains sand and meteors.
-Forbidden Land [Light Pink]: Nobody is allowed here. It is a forbidden area that only one pokemon claims the large area. Due to being forbidden, nobody knows what's inside besides vast grassland. No trees are seen. Arceus sleeps here, destined to awake only when an apocalypse is about to occur. No pokemon knows of Arceus' existence except Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Kyurem.
-Dalmia [Red]: It was once said that the pokemon of Enosia tried to create cities and settlements, experimenting in the Red Region. After many failed attempts, it was clear they couldn't create what they wished. Only the broken structures and old buildings of odd construction remain. Remains of failed houses and buildings also are located here. The north is barren and lacks forests, yet full of lakes and water. The south lacks water sources, yet forests are only located here. Psychic types are living here. You can find Cresselia, Deoxys, Latios, and Latias here.
-Kinto [Blue]: If any pokemon were to break Kyurem's rules and be captured, they would be sent to the Blue Region. Unlike other regions, this region lacks food and vegetation. Besides that, it still contains fresh lakes and smelly swamps. Poison type pokemon live here, along with those who broke Kyurem's rules.
-Mystica [Yellow]: It is thriving with mystical forests where only grass pokemon are allowed to live on. Even though it lacks lakes and ponds, it is sorrounded by the sea, giving the forests constant rain. Suicune, Shaymin, Virizion, and Keldeo reside here. Celebi makes this her home as well.
-Obzin [Black]: Unlike other areas, this one is dominated by gigantic mountains that break through the clouds. It has small forests and few lakes, where only flying type pokemon can live in. Only Rayquaza claims the tallest mountain, where it makes it his home.
-Lasthia [Dark Green]: It has everything pokemon need to live out off. This region has the most cliffs, waterfalls, and canyons. It's a home just for dragon pokemon. No legendary pokemon are allowed here.
-Soltria [Grey]: There are plenty of mountains that hide stones and riches inside. Most of the steel, copper, and other metals are born and created here. This region has the most caves, and it is only for steel pokemon. Registeel, Jirachi, and Cobalion roam in the Grey Region.
-Ancapolis [Green]: Currently, it's where Kyurem domains over with Mewtwo and his henchmen. They constantly create caves, shape mountains, and are making a village of their own. As of now, they have over 500 pokemon living under Kyurem's control. Those who obey him and give their life to be henchmen are allowed to roam from their region to here. This region is said to be the most beautiful. Waterfalls, great lakes, and soothing forests are located here.
-Libreria [Hot Pink]: It is the land where only fighting pokemon may visit. Here, Meloetta takes care of the region. It is the only region not controlled by Kyurem, yet due to betrayers and Kyurem spies, Meloetta has restricted the region for only fighting pokemon. It flourishes with flowers and beauty of nature. It's the perfect place for paradise. Victini also made his home here with the permission of Meloetta.
-Aquastria [Light Orange]: The most beautiful beaches lay here. Around them thick, humid forests where Water pokemon rest. Kyogre, Manaphy, Palkia, Phione, and Lugia are located here.
-Guactex [Light Grey]: A very thick, humid jungle covers the whole region. Rain showers the region every day, nearly half the region full of swamps. Only bug pokemon may live here. It is rumored Genesect makes this its home.
-Voma [Brown]: Lava is everywhere, an island barely connected to Enosia if it wasn't for a small bridge of land. Volcanoes thrive here, caves full of magma and hot steam spewing out. Due to the conditions, thick, black clouds cover the sky. The sun never shines in this region. Fire pokemon live here, along with Entei, Moltres, Groudon, and Heatran.
-Land of Mist [Lime Green]: A region hidden in mystery. Nothing but mist and fog covers the view. It is said that explorers and those who tried to find the secrets inside Lime Green Region have disappeared and never returned. Nobody knows what's inside besides fog, mist, and swamps. Dialga and Reshiram are living here, nobody knowing their existence.
-Terra [Dark Purple]: Only one thing describes this region: rocks. Rocks of all sizes are scattered all over the Dark Purple Region. Full of grass and vegetation, small mountains with deep caves are common here. It never rains, instead theres a lake that's formed from the Green Region area. Rock pokemon are located here, Regirock and Terrakion living here.
-Wintro [Ice Blue]: A tundra where lakes are frozen, and blizzards are common daily storms. The mountains are high, and temperatures are very low here. Ice pokemon live here, Articuno and Regigigas roam here. It is also Regice's home.
-Calem [Gold]: A vast desert covers this area, temperatures reaching very high. Only ground pokemon are allowed to live here. It is said that the Gold Region is where Ho-Oh lives in.
-Phantasy [Dark Blue]: This region is unique in that it has barely no sunlight, even if there is no steam nor smoke to cover the area. It is constantly cloudy, barely rains, and has dead forests. Only ghost pokemon live here. The only legendary allowed here is Giratina.
-Skyer [White]: Small mountains invade the region. Most of the thunder and lightning storms occur and start here. The mountains attract the lightning, a pleasure to electric pokemon. Only electric pokemon may come upon these grounds. There is still constant vegetation here, even if the region lacks rain. Zapdos, Zekrom, Raikou, Tornadus, and Thundurus live here.
-Nocturn [Dark Red]: Myths and legends tell that the Dark Red Region used to connect to a hidden land, where it's believed humans used to live in. Nobody ever proved that, yet it is said only the pokemon there know the true story. It's full of grass and tall trees scattered around the region. These tall trees block the sun, instead creating long shadows that last the whole day. Only dark-type pokemon live here. It's where Darkrai makes his home.
-Ulto [Unknown region inside Dark Purple]: A barren wasteland. It's a mysterious, paranormal area where one day it can be as hot as the desert, to as cold as a tundra. It is rumored in myths that the perished pokemon appear walking in these lands, mostly the perished Mew and Mewtwo of Enosia.

Now, I'm going to record your process in this spoiler tag right below. All characters will be shown with name, gender, sprite, moves, and current location. It will be updated daily, meaning every night in my timezone. You'll start with the first 4 moves your pokemon will know. Learning moves is quite easy, just progress through the story. As you meet up with NPC characters, they'll give you a TM, depending on the situation and current position you're in. To put it simply, an NPC character will randomly give you one, so don't worry. To evolve, if you meet up with any Legendary Pokemon. It depends how far you progressed and what you've done so far. As for what I'll be in the story, all I'm going to do is control the NPCs.


None as of yet.
Still 6 human slots open.
Still 3 henchmen slots open.
Still 2 Enosia pokemon slots open.
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