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    Check it, first post since I've joined this site.

    Hey Metapod just wanted to say a few things:

    First and foremost, I joined this forum simply from seeing your hack. I got into the whole hacked poke game scene because I loved yours so much. It has opened my eyes to so many other good hacks I've played through (I plan to go and post thankful messages to them as well). I was just playing through it again a few minutes ago as I anxiously await the next beta release. (literally I'm checking this thing every other day XD) Just saw your post about your inspiration loss as of late. I know the feeling, happens to me all the time with video editing XD But I hope you pull through and remember just how fun and awesome what you're creating is. Seriously I tell all my friends about your game and show it off as much as I can. I really can't wait to see the next beta release of yours, so don't lose hope! Finish at your own pace, but never give up! (would have said never say never but then beiber would have sued :\)

    Phew, ok inspirational and a**kissing speech over now :3

    Just 2 odd things I wanted to point out for your bug list, idk if this has happened to anyone else: During the charmander episode if you're party isn't empty for him to join a bunch of random characters appear in the box. Took me a minute to realize had to open a spot for him XD and also when doing the squirtle episode after you save pikachu with the super potion and squirtle is supposed to join you, my party was full and he never appeared in my box or my party. . .so I didn't get a squirtle. Quite sad actually lol. So just some things I wanted to point out.

    Edit: And now sadly because I don't have squirtle, and my bulbasaur evolved already I won't get exp share from the fan club guy since I can't show the pokemon to the club members

    Again keep doing what you're doing man. Don't get trapped in a rut!
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