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Solipskier is a flash game (and iPhone/Android) that requires you to literally ski until you die.

The game itself isn't very special. You draw a snow with your cursor or finger and Solipskier skis on it. Make it go up, he goes up, albeit slow. Make it go down, he goes down, and goes faster. You jump/ski through blue gates, go through tunnels (multiple blue gates), and ski as long as you can without dying. You also have a multiplier that raises when you hit a blue gate (moreso higher if you hit it while airborne), conquer a tunnel, but it will be cut in half if you miss a gate or if you haven't hit on in a long time.

What makes it so awesome is how addicting it can get. At first, you're going pretty slow, not fast at all. Hit a couple a gates, you go a little bit faster...until you achieve mind blowing speeds, such as 90 kmh or (god forbid) higher. The faster you go, the more gates you hit, the more gates you hit, the more points you obtain. If you achieve a perfect tunnel (not missing a SINGLE blue gate) while under these can get a 1,000,000 points from just that, not to mention greatly increasing your multiplier.

Going through a Tunnel.

Another quirk about this game is perhaps the music. The music, Speed Metal Messiah by Joe Stump, makes the game, if not already, amazing.

The song in question.

The music makes the game go by a little faster. The beat of the music actually goes well for this game!

Remember what I said about the speeds of this game?

Well apparently, reaching those speeds will make your headphones fall off, therefore terminating the music. Then, all you hear is the rushing wind. I find this feature a little helpful because it helps you determine if you were going fast or not. It doesn't take long to achieve this. Hell it takes me 30 seconds to do that.

There isn't much else to talk to about Solipskier. The game generally explains itself from the very start. The only other thing about it is you can jump offscreen, upwards and gain points from the gate doing that and be scored by offscreen judges who raise up their score for you.

As seen here, there are three of these mysterious judges.

The last thing to talk about Solipskier is dying. If you die, you're greeted with very sad music (Chopin - Prelude in C Minor), and your final score. Upon dying, you can also fix certain, such as whether you want to hear the music, or anything from the game at all and if you're like me, play your music in a separate window. I do this via flash, so not sure about iPhone users.

All in all, I say Solipskier is a great game. What you need to do is plain and simple - get as many points as you can without dying. It may require some time, but soon you'll be getting 10 million in under a minute (even more if you're really skilled!).

The only thing I dislike in Solipskier is perhaps if you get really high points or obtain those insane speeds, you'll be greeted with 7 red gates (most I've met so far and (read: luckily) survived.), but that's one thing compared to what mostly happens in this fantastical game.

So, go out there and play this game. It isn't for everyone, I'll admit, but give a chance to this awesome game. The only requirements you need to play is a brain and some fingers. I wish you luck!

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