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    Hi everyone!
    Let's see ...
    I quite like the story is very detailed and interesting, besides, is the effort to produce it.
    Now, talk about the graphics:
    Apparently, the tiles you use are fine, it is true that you can improve a lot, for example, grass Pokémon or lake / river.
    Wesley houses I love, they stick pretty well to this style of tiles and palettes, I see that you still have tiles to change how the box ...
    Mmm ... the interior tiles are very good, I like that style HG/SS-GBA maintaining, and OW Munna is great only if you use GBA's OW OW would improve more GBA Munna.
    Well, otherwise it looks pretty good, I see no errors in the mapping or bad detail elsewhere of the sample images.
    Just to tell you much luck with the Hack and expect more updates and news of him: P

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