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Pokemon D.N.A. Version
Created by Yagerbomb

Hello, I am Yagerbomb. You may or may not have seen me around here. I have an Idea for a game, Pokemon D.N.A. Version. Please give constructive criticism and ways to make my game better.


The Legendary D.N.A. Pokemon Deoxys has been noted to live in the Hoenn Region. However, the Legendary Pokemon has been sighted multiple times in the Vitos Region, which is just SouthWest of Hoenn. The Pokemon which is believed to be a virus from space, is capable of producing D.N.A. which is a key part of carrying Genetic information. These sighting have created a buzz in the Vitos Region. The Scientists and Studies of Pokemon alike have been searching for Deoxys. Although, not everyone is looking for the D.N.A. Pokemon for scientific purposes. A group of Criminals, known as Team Nucleo, have been hunting for Deoxys in their effort to create what they refer to as an "invincible army". With this "Invincible Army" Team Nucleo plans to achieve World domination. All of these events have brought the Vitos Region into a state of fear.


You are the son/daughter of Professor Cottonwood, a renowned Pokemon Professor from the Vitos Region. Your Father, Professor Cottonwood, advises you to experience the world of Pokemon. Your Father lets you have one of three Pokemon, and lets you head out of your Hometown and battle the Gyms of Vitos, while collecting research Data in a Device known as a Pokedex, a Device that Professor Oak gave your Father. While on your Journey, you can't help it but to be intrigued by Deoxys and the search that follows the Legendary Pokemon. How does your interest in Deoxys affect Team Nucleo's plans?


Coming Soon!


-167 Pokemon!
-New Vitos Region to explore!
-Starters from other games obtainable!
-Buy Houses and Property!
-All New Champions League!
-Bike Races!

Gym Leaders:

Chaplin Town: Grace,Grass type

Boulderbridge City: Rocco,Rock Type

Bellham City: Mason,Steel Type

Baronbay City: Matt, Water Type

Ring City: Gloria, Psychic Type

Toothridge Town: Hamilton, Ground type

Vincen City: Brent, Bug

Sansetto Island: Arnold, Flying Type


Yagerbomb-Creator,Team Leader,Writer,Character Development,Mapper

Positions Needed:

Scripter( Or someone who can teach me to script)-
Music(might not need)-


Is the Plot interesting?

How can I make the game better?

Is there anything else I should implement in the game?

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