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The Pokemon Academy: Chapter Seven
Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Brad131313

Impo and Ryukaa placed their Pokeballs in their pockets and headed for lunch. The aroma of chicken and potatoes wafted into their nostrils, making them even hungrier. That Battling lesson was physically draining, to say the least. Impo speed-walked to the smorgasbord of food, followed by Ryukaa. He was so distracted by his hunger he didn't notice the boy in front of him.


Impo crashed into the boy, and his tray full of food crashed onto the floor, spraying him in gravy. Angrily, he turned around to face Impo, who realized this may be a sticky situation. To call him a boy would be difficult, as he was tall and wide. He had a large nose and a large circular head. He had no hair on his head, but black eyebrows. In his angered state he closely resembled a hairless gorilla.

"GRRR! You little runt! Look at my food!" He roared at Impo, who became frightened.

"I-I-I'm sorry," Impo stammered. "I di-didn't see yo-you there." He placed a shaky hand into his pocket and clasped it over his Pokeball, just in case. One way or another, Impo had a feeling of what was coming next.

"Sorry doesn't cut it! Take this!" The 'boy' pulled his Pokeball from his jacket and viciously threw it to the floor. A Gible came out of the ball, slightly dizzy from the release. Unfortunately for Impo, it made the Gible irritated, and it began to snap its jaw in an intimidating manner.

"I-I'm ready!" Impo cried, locking his fears away for now. He could be scared after. Now he needed to act like he wasn't about to wet himself. He calmly reached into his pocket and released his Teddiursa onto the battlefield. At least he thought he did. The bully burst into laughter when Ryukaa's Sentret appeared out of the ball.

"A Sentret? That's pathetic!" He laughed, clutching his sides.

"Quick Attack, Sentret!" Sentret bounding towards Gible with amazing speed, tackling it in its abdomen. Impo turned around to see Ryukaa commanding his Pokemon. He turned towards Impo and they switched Pokeballs.

"Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong one," Ryukaa explained.

"No sweat," Impo said, turning back to the bully and his Gible, who looked as if it was itching to fight. "Lets give this guy no mercy!"

But before they could even open their mouths a deep voice turned everyone's attention to the doorway.

"Cease this at once!"

It was Professor Charon. His eyes were sunken and his face wrinkled in frustration.

"Must we conduct battles where we eat? This is a strictly NO BATTLING zone!" He growled, placing emphasis on 'No Battling'. "Look at this mess! Do you see it?" Charon pointed to the floor, where the bully's food lay splattered. It wasn't much of a mess to Impo's eyes. There was only a footprint of gravy left by the Gible and some drops of gravy from earlier. But Impo sheepishly looked at his feet - it was obvious arguing would turn no results.

"Do you see it!?" Charon said, raising his voice to Impo and Ryukaa. The two said a muffled "yes" with a small nod of their heads. Both of them were staring at their shoes. By now, all the students who were in the Main Hall had formed a circle around Impo, Ryukaa, Charon and the bully. But Charon did not use his authority to disperse the crowd. It seemed as if he wanted people to see.

"Now, I say you two cleaning this hall after Saturday Dinner would be fitting, don't you think?" Charon twirled his hands together and emitted a coarse laugh "After all, crime is to be followed by punishment. Is it not?". The question was rhetorical, and he continued to talk about how they were bad students for making a mess for those who had to clean. His words were like sandpaper to Impo's ears.

"Now don't forget, come to my office just after dinner so I can give you the proper.... equipment." With another coarse laugh, he walked off. The group of students parted and returned back to their seats.

"Wow..." Impo said weakly. "I know we haven't had him for a teacher yet, but-"

"I hate him," Ryukaa finished. "It was like he was doing that just to embarrass us, and he didn't even say a word to the other kid. I heard his name was Brad. Apparently his parents own the Pokeathlon in Johto, and he took a shining to the Power and Stamina courses."

"...Oh well," Impo said. "I still hate them."

The end of lunch bell rang, and the two went to class without eating lunch.


I'm sorry it's so terribly short, but it's more of a filler chapter. And I've introduced someone from a different forum into the story, as I'm doing this in two places. Say hello to Brad!

Please, please, please comment and critique.
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