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Originally Posted by Rai Rai View Post
That map needs serious work done to it, it doesn't look appealing to people who see it. You need to add more trees make the map bigger give a better path with alternate options for the player. There also appears to be errors with the rocks, which on that subject you might want to try place them a bit better, it seems odd just seeing them in a such a linear way. Hopefully that will help you.
Thank you for this advice Rai Rai. This was only to prove I can Map on a grid and such and such. This is not going into any game. This being said, the map was only a sketch at that. It took approximately an hour. Real good maps can take much longer than that. The tiles I used also didn't supply all the supplies needed. But I did also make an edited version of it, though all the things I said above still apply (except that it took about 30 mins more). But I will probably not change it beyond this point.
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