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Just for fun I threw a team together with both Gorebyss and Huntail. I'd just pass the Shell Smash to the next one while both screens were still up, then do it again. Although it seems to be glitched (Sometimes my special attack would still end up +2, or my defenses would both still end up -1 even with the White Herb on both of them), when it worked, it was an easy 5-0 (Because my Uxie always uses Memento). Also, Dragonite > Garchomp as SmashPass recipient.

Btw I tried the no luck server, and honestly, I don't think it made enough of a difference to be that fun really. Although I only battled two people and didn't build another team for it, just used a previous one.

And yeah Aero, I use it on a full stall team I made, Chansey / Ferrothorn / Jellicent / Torkoal / Amoonguss / Bronzong. He's definitely a great team member, although I don't really ever do anything with him besides take hits.