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@Logiedan: I made it less cluttered, and the animations are buggy. I have no clue how to fix it either. Basically, when an enemy uses an attack, the animation is showin as if though the enemy is basically on the opposite side of your pokemon if that makes sense lol.

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm currently working on finishing up Pineroot city.. still have quite a bit to do i think. Then i have to do route 2A and then Oakgrove city.

In Oakgrove i will have a place where you can do missions. so if you can give me some ideaas on what to do, please feel free to post them. here's an example..

Mission: I need Medicine!
Description: I'm to old to bring my pokemon to a pokecenter, and he is hurt. Can a young trainer please bring me a potion? - Sincerely, Old Lady Marge
Reward: Nugget
Need: Potion,Super Potion,Hyper Potion, or Max Potion

so yeah, if you guys wanna give me ideas id love it. This will give you guys something to do in the 2nd demo (which will end at Oak Grove City)


There's a template if you wanna gimme some ideas!

I'll try and get some screens up in the next few days guys!